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The plot revolves around Yuri, a high school student who has a crush on a classmate, Hideki. They spend time with each other, but it's difficult to call the two little more than acquaintances. Yuri hopes to change this during the summer festival being held in their town. He, however, introduces her to another girl, Mitsu, who Yuri sees as a threat to the relationship she wants to cultivate.  While she wants nothing more than to forget the situation, Yuri finds herself being forced to watch her crush fall for Mitsu as he forgets about her.

Encore -Summer- is a melancholic and kinetic visual novel. A kinetic visual novel, or kinetic novel, is a visual novel in which the plot progresses without choices being presented to player and no way to alter the story line. Encore -Summer- is meant to be enjoyed without needing to go back to previous saves to get the true ending. 

It is also a short story and should take less than an hour to read through it.

Encore is also canonically part of another game we are currently working on called "Mise en Scene - A World Without Magic-". Not only will Encore be a sort of "demo' to show what to expect in "MeS" but "MeS" will also include more information about the circumstances of Encore -Summer-'s main plot.

A few of you may already know of Encore already from our previous version. Many of you may not know anything of it.  What's important to know is that this is a retelling of the original Encore story. Without the constraints of time that were required in the contest we originally designed the standalone version for, Encore -Summer- will be able to pace the story better and even introduce new information on the characters. 

Known Issues:
A few typos (will be fixed in a week)
Let us know in the comments if you find anything!


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