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The original Encore-Summer- is still available to play! Just download the one tagged (Old). We wanted to keep this option for those who want to see our progress.

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Extra credits:
(End Song) Trial & Error

Warning:  Mac and Linux versions are untested. Please let me know about any bugs in detail!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, death, drama, kinetic, Kinetic Novel, sfw, Short, supernatural, TyranoBuilder


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Encore-Summer- PC 114 MB
Encore -Summer- (Windows 7 Compatible) 115 MB
Encore -Summer- Linux 104 MB
Encore -Summer- Mac 97 MB
Encore-Summer- (Old) 109 MB

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I've sat here for a solid hour or so trying to figure out anything useful that I could add or anything coherent I could say about this story, but I still can't think of anything, which is impressive since I normally don't shut up. All I will say is that stories like these are very important. Yes, it's beautiful, it's well-told, but it really rips some emotions out of you. Stories that can really make you feel something, whether you want to or not, in some cases, are the absolute most perfect form of storytelling that you can ever have. It's like magic in a lot of ways. Someone's thoughts and feelings turn into words and then somehow manage to not lose any meaning being transferred to someone else. It's what I would love to be able to convey someday. Believe me, I felt a lot with this. So much that I'm still feeling it like two hours later, it hit me good. Right in my heart, very unexpectedly, and that's something that I only think a story like this could ever accomplish. I don't know if any of my meaning got through in that, but I'll say three more things that hopefully make a bit more sense. Thank you for existing. Thank you for being you. And thank you for making this.

First off, thank you so very much for playing my game!
Secondly, thank you even more for leaving such a heart-felt review.
Your words do make sense, don't worry!
I have so much I want to say about this game, so much commentary but I think that overall it's done a good job of speaking for itself after reading your thoughts on it.
And I think, mostly, I'm glad that its magic was understood.


Awesome story, I want to keep reading more of your stories.