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★ Game is currently in development. All information contained is subject to change.
Planned Release date: December 2021 ★

 A calm, slice-of-life themed visual novel about girls finding happiness and love in a world that is ending.  Play as Dakota, a high school girl from a southern city, as she explores relationships in a tragic apocalypse. 

One average summer  day, a "star" fell from the sky and into the center of a large city. In mere seconds, thousands of people lost their lives and yet no building was ruined. No animal was harmed.  Fresh water from the affected area become a sort of poison; anyone who touched it eventually died.

Most of the people who were out of town that day would never go back and the government is staying tight-lipped on the event. It didn't take long for them, however, to erect walls and dams around the waterways, effectively containing the ruined water.

Star Solstice, named for the date it fell, was from then on referred to by the people of the world as "Star S". A tragedy no one would soon forget.

It was an isolated event, or so we thought.

One year later, several more stars fell from the night sky.

Not knowing if they were falling around the world, we made an attempt to escape. No one could predict where one would land.

The only thing that they seemed to avoid was the ocean; salt water.  My friends and my family... we had to make it there.


★ A short read with roughly 1 hour of story to experience.
★ 6 unique CGs to discover.
★ 2 romanceable characters.
★ A cast comprised entirely of female characters.
★ Explore the apocalypse through a phone with a unique shaped user interface.

★ Music: MusMus  &  Dova-Syndrome
★ Backgrounds: NoranekoGames  &  Illustration AC
★ Sprites, CG, & GUI:  NoranekoGames


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