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A free to use asset for use in Visual Novels, RPGmaker games, etc games. If any problems arise from use of this asset, I will change the rules as necessary. 

Character fits with backgrounds that are 1920x1080. The CG is 4k resolution with 6 expressions. It is recommended that you size it to your project.

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to ask.

-Credit "Noraneko Games" 
-Credit can be given in the in-game credits, in a note accompanying the game, or on a website where the game is downloaded. Any one of those is fine. ("Credit" means to link my name with my art)
-If you re-upload this asset pack as is to another site, I require a link back to this page. You are not allowed to resell this pack or the character in it.
-Modifications are allowed. (Change colors, new pose, new hairstyle, change clothes, holding things, add blood splatters, makeup, etc)
-Using for 18+ is fine as long as it doesn't contain illegal themes/content that could reflect poorly on the Noraneko Games name and reputation.
-Commercial use in a game is ok if you just let me know you are using it and can provide proof of credit. If you aren't making money from your project, you can use without contacting me if you'd prefer.
-No selling merchandise of this character without my permission. (But we can talk options.)
-Using this asset for Game Jams and Contests is okay!
If you want to use this media for anything other than a game, leave a comment and I'll let you know if it's okay.
-Not required, but I would love for you to link me to your project!

Goes well with: Miki Character Sprite

Twitter: @Noraneko Games
Itch.io: noranekogames.itch.io

Good luck on your projects!

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GenreVisual Novel


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Rin Base Pack 20 MB
Gym Uniform.zip 5 MB
Rin_Swimsuit_Noraneko.zip 7 MB
Rin CG #1 21 MB

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Hi! I've included Rin as another character in my visual novel. Thanks a lot! I credited you on the game description, including a link to your itch.io profile.

Hello, I thought about using this for my game. I was feeling a bit shy to ask but I thought about selling. But only with your permission and if it's okay to do so if not I understand and would only make it free.


I eagerly accept questions so while I understand, you don't have to be shy!
I allow my sprites to be used in commercial games as long as they follow the rules.
Essentially, I just ask to be credited and for commercial games to not only offer my work as pay to use downloadable content. If you're selling your game and not the character by itself, this should be fine!
If I stumble upon the game, I might ask where the credit to me is if it's behind a paywall, so you can choose to tell me then or just tell me where it will be located beforehand. Either of those is fine.
And I always like supporting people who  use my assets, so if you feel like it, please link your game here when it's done!

Good luck on your game!

That reply has helped me also, as I'm making a VN using your sprites as I am terrible at making VN sprites myself and I can't find a place to get or make VN sprites as they tend to either be really expensive or can lack in creativity and quality so I decided to come over here for sprites.

However, I do have this one plan to put a price on the game. I've made sure I follow all the rules, but I did find out it does say "please let me know in advance when making a paid game" which is my only concern. I will make it a free game if your not okay with me making money from the game.

Hello, your rules said to comment if I want to use your assets in anything other than games. I'm making a dialogue manager/visual novel plugin for the Godot game engine and I would like to use your assets for the examples.

It's going to be uploaded in the Godot asset library. The assets are gonna be used in the example screenshots and maybe even a sample project. I'll include credits in the page and also your rules.txt files in the sample project.

Hey, i wanna create some Video Games/ for the beginning visual novels but am a pice of shit when it comes to drawning. 
And now i just found most of the sprites i am downlanding is from you. I ll make sure you ll be in the top1 in credits. Thanks for all your work.

do u have some nsfw sprites/characters? :P

Because of how I work, I do have the sprites in nude that I'm okay to upload. If you're looking for something different, perhaps contact me through twitter and I can see what I could do (although no promises since I have yet to work on any nsfw content in particular.)

Can I edit her a bit? She lacks some emotions I need.

Absolutely! And if you ever have emotions you'd like for me to create, please let me know!

Thanks a lot.

Deleted 1 year ago

I'm excited to see! Thank you for letting me know!

Hello! Really love your work! This sprite must be one of your best so far. I must ask if I am able to use your characters as reference for artwork in my VN project for school. It's ok if I'm only able to use them as it is. Credit will be given either way. Thanks for making these!

Thank you for your compliments! What kind of reference are you using them for if I may ask?

Well, I was going to use it for character design reference for my visual novel project but I've already gone ahead and finished all of them. I still plan on using them as references for future unrelated projects as character design references if that's OK. 

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Am I allowed to rename the png files? The names are too hard to remember.

Also I love them!

They look so cute!

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Yes! That's completely fine! I'd rather you be comfortable in using them!
I'm glad that you think they're cute as well!


Dear NoranekoGames, first let me say I am quite thrilled finding your character models of exceptional quality.  I am a novice dev in the middle of my first Visual Novel, and I was hoping you could answer a few questions for me:

1) Are your models computer made or hand drawn?

2) Are you planning to design a few male characters? (Don't want my protagonist feeling like they're in an all girl situation)

3)Do you have any references for more material in terms of BGM or SFX? as I've said I'm learning the ropes as I type this.

Thank you for your content and when this is finished I plan on making sure your contributions are noticable, and hopefully financially rewarding! I will look out for your response.

Congrats on getting to work on your first visual novel! 
I'll be glad to answer your questions!
1) I use a wacom cintiq to digitally draw everything by hand. Everything is drawn in photoshop. Some of my older works were drawn by mouse though (the original sprites I uploaded). 

2) While I'd love to draw male characters, I'm so bad at them right now due to not studying the anime style proportions enough that I just don't draw them. I am working to gather a lot more resources to try and work on being able to but I don't forsee getting them on the level of my female sprites anytime soon. I'm really sorry about that!

3)Over the past 5 years I've collected a bunch of links to sites with free resources of all kind. Here are some of my favorites that provide both BGM and SFX:
Pocket Sound

Good luck with your project!!


This has got to be my favorite character I've seen so far. Thanks to your characters and how well they're done I've actually been trying to get back into making visual novels, so I can't wait to start again!

I'm really glad you like Rin and even more glad that they've inspired you! Looking forward to any work you produce in the future!!

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Your gameassets is so lovely and cute, I really love it. and  I'd like to use it in my commerial game project,  I read the policy that I should provide proof of credits, cause this is my first time come across this term " credit",what's that term and how can I provide it? thank you for your reply :D

To provide credit means to let others know that I was the one to draw/create the asset. 
Like at the end of a movie where you might see actors credited for the role they played.  I just ask that my name be put somewhere in the project/product giving me credit for making the assets that were used. 
This is usually done at the end of a game in a credit roll, similar to a movie, but many people decide to put it on a page where the game is downloaded instead. 
I ask for proof of this for commercial projects because otherwise I may have to pay to see that it is there at all. So when you publish the game, just tell me where you've put the name "Noraneko Games" in order to say I created assets used. I hope this is helpful and I wish you the best of luck with your project!

Thank you very much! I got it! I thought credits may be some symbol or money equivalent in itch.io before your explanation.


Kawai!! >ω<

Thank you! I'm glad you think so!