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-Give credit to "Noraneko Games".  
-Credit must be given in the in-game credits, a text file accompanying the game, or in the description where the game is downloaded.
-Assets cannot be resold on their own inside or outside of the game.
-Do not use to glorify pedophilia, homophobia, racism, or threats towards real people.

-Give credit to "Noraneko Games".
-Credit must be given in a description box on the streaming platform or in the video itself.
-Assets cannot be resold on their own inside or outside of the game.
-Do not use to glorify pedophilia, homophobia, racism, or threats towards real people.

-Give credit to "Noraneko Games".
-Credit must be given wherever the art is posted.
-Assets cannot be resold on their own inside or outside of the game.
-Do not use to glorify pedophilia, homophobia, racism, or threats towards real people.
-Cannot be used commercially.

Can I use this in 18+ content?
Yes! Just please make sure that it doesn't positively promote things like pedophilia.

Can I use this in a game jam or contest?
Yes! You have permission to use this in game jams or contests but it cannot be entered as a single piece (For example (but not limited to), you cannot enter any of the sprite into a character art contest because it is not yours.)

Can I use this commercially?
For games, yes! It must still follow the rule that it cannot be sold alone. So it cannot be sold as an add-on for a visual novel engine for example. In short, if you make a game that uses it as a sprite but the user does not have to buy the sprite specifically to see it, that is fine!
By using the sprites commercially in your game, you are agreeing to let me know where the credit to my name is located if I ask.

Does tipping/donating mean I get to use it without credit?
No! Giving credit to me is a very small act that I'm asking for from a large amount of work that I offer for free. Tips help me know that people like my work and go towards furthering my craft. Credit will ALWAYS be required.

Can I use this for an NFT?
Absolutely not. DO NOT USE FOR/IN NFTS!!! It completely goes against several of my rules and my copyright is not abandoned.

Can I use this for merchandise/a piece of art I'm selling?
In short, no.
Contact me on Twitter DMs (@noranekogames) to negotiate, but it will not be free to use for things like this.

Can I use this for my school project?
If it is not being used commercially! Please make sure it follows everything mentioned above, though. It can't be the only thing your project consists of, for example, and I still require credit somewhere.

Can I use this for a visual novel engine?
As long as it follows the rules in the Rules for Games section.

Are you making more outfits/CGs?
Very slowly but I am working on them!

Can I modify the image?
It must still follow the rules even if the image is changed, but you can modify it! Changing the colors, drawing over it in a new style, adding characters, etc is absolutely fine.

Can I use it on twitter?
Please find a way to credit me if you do!  Tag me @NoranekoGames and I will usually retweet it so you can get more exposure.

Can I change the name?
Absolutely! Please feel free! My character sprites have names so that I can keep easier track of them for organization purposes.  A lot of people who aren't great at thinking up names choose to keep the name, so feel free to do that as well!

A free to use asset for use in Visual Novels, RPGmaker games, etc games. If any problems arise from use of this asset set, I will change the rules as necessary.  The character is 4k resolution, so please be careful of its size.

Additional Download Info: Kousei Outfit Pack 1

Download is a zip and all included images are PNGs.
This outfit pack includes the following outfits: Casual, Winter Uniform, Summer Uniform, and Gym Uniform.

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I've gave credit in the description for my game thank you very much and keep up the good work

Great sprite pack, as usual! You're a miracle maker!

I do have a question though. Have you ever thought of expanding the expressions? Yours are the best free character packs I've seen around (especially since they are compatible with each other) so I was hoping for some extra expressions in the future. I was thinking of a Halloween-themed VN, but "scared" or "nervous" are incredibly hard expressions to find, heh.

Anyway, masterful work!

I've been working to try and find a way to include more ways to create expressions with each character.
In the meantime, do you think it would be worth it to people to release a couple of expressions on the ones you've mentioned as an expressions pack? If so, can you list some of the expressions you'd prefer be included? If you had any specific characters you wanted to have them right away, I could get to work and release them soon.
If you don't mind answering some of these questions, I'd love to hear the answers. But there's no obligation and I will continue looking into it and bring it closer to the front of my workload.

I'm an amateur at drawing and even then, I use a different style, so I'm afraid I have no advice on how to manage beyond "layers", which is completely unnecessary advice since you already know how to use them.

Creating an "expression pack" seems like a great idea! I'm not 100% sure how you intend to go about it, but a nice range of expression is definitely something you don't find often in free character packs, which kind of gives you the advantage if you can offer them. "Sole seller" and all of that.

Possible expressions could include the following. I made a large list to be inclusive, but the first 3 are what I feel are important.

I was thinking of using Sumi, Sora, Aiko and Kousei for the project, as protagonist and deuteragonist (so that the user can have the choice to pick the MC's gender), so extra expressions for them would be a godsent.

And don't worry! I'm always willing to answer some questions (as long as you don't ask where the chocolate went), so I don't mind at all! I love talking with people about stuff I'm passionate about.