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I made another game using your character sprites. I really love your artwork by the way - it's wonderful!

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That sounds just fine! As long as it follows the rules above and you can credit me in at least one spot, that would be wonderful! 

¡Hola! soy un informático programador estoy entrando recientemente en esto de la creación de novelas visuales como hobby, me encanto tu trabajo y utilizare estos personajes para mi proyecto "Miki", "Miho", "Hana" "Aiko"  le daré crédito, por supuesto.

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I'll put this in a commercial product but I'll credit you, is that okay?

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id like an scared face im using these sprites for an mod

I'll work on one as soon as possible. Can I ask what kind of mod?

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it was gonna be an drama and horror mod together

Nice artwork! Hypothetically-speaking, if someone wanted some free art to come with their software, would it be alright if said art included this right here?

Can I get a little more information for this?

Like, what if someone made a tool to help game-making easier, and they want to make some sample projects to prove that the tool is good? They might want to use some royalty-free art in it, so yeah

Oh, that sounds absolutely fine! Just make sure to follow the rules listed and that is a perfectly good use for these assets!


Understood ^_^

hey man thank you so much for this i'll link you in credits 

Thanks, I use it for my visual novel. I'll Link it to you when it done.

Thank you! I hope it serves you well!

I eagerly await your next additions!

Thank you for your support!