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Please donate towards cats for the use of this sprite! This can be done by donating something to a shelter near you or by opting in to donate upon downloading.
All donations I receive for this sprite will go to a shelter local to me to help cats!
If you cannot afford to donate, I still want to keep this sprite available to download for free, so I'm relying mostly on good faith donations. I won't judge you if you cannot donate.

Drift is a sprite based off of one of my own, real life, cats. I made this sprite with the intention to use my work to help cats in need.

An asset for use in Visual Novels, RPGmaker games, etc.
If any problems arise from use of this asset, I will change the rules as necessary.

Sprites are PNG format. These sprites are rather large in size so that they can fit into a most backgrounds. Sizing down in your game program or in a art program is recommended to fit the size of your project. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to ask.


𓃠Credit "Noraneko Games"
𓃠Credit can be given in the in-game credits, in a note accompanying the game, or on a website where the project is downloaded. Any one of those is fine. It doesn't have to be all of them.
𓃠If this pack is re-uploaded to another site for download as is, do not remove this text file or any part of it.
𓃠These assets cannot be sold as is. For merchandising options, contact me and we can discuss.
𓃠Modifications are allowed. (Change colors, new pose, new hairstyle, change clothes, holding things, add blood splatters, makeup, etc)
𓃠Using for 18+ is fine as long as it doesn't contain illegal themes/content that could reflect poorly on the Noraneko Games name and reputation.
𓃠Commercial use in a game is ok if you just let me know you are using it and can provide proof of credit. Contact me for commercial use outside of games.
𓃠If you aren't making money from your project, you can use without contacting me if you'd prefer.
𓃠Using this asset for Game Jams and Contests is okay!
𓃠If you want to use this media for anything other than a game, make sure it follows the rules above.
𓃠Not required, but I would love for you to link me to your project!

Find more of my work at:
@NoranekoGames on Twitter

Thank you for donating to help cats!

Good luck with your project!

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GenreVisual Novel


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Thank you for creating free VN-asstes! Its really helpful for people like me with no/little art skills (like me lmao). I really appreciate it and the fact that you donate to cat shelter!


Lovely character, as always, and cool outfit! I love the idea of making VN assets for helping cat shelters <3 As a proud mom of four furry babies, I approve!

I wish you and your fur babies a long and healthy life together! Thank you so much for your comment and compliments! I just really wanted to help out with the skills I do have; this way I can help people and cats at the same time!