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Hi ! Can I use her as the sister of the protagonist of my story ?

As long as it follows all the rules listed, I don't see why not! Good luck with your project!

hello! um so... my game has themes that are mildly similar to DDLC, does that make it... well, 18 and up? I was just wondering because I see lots of people consider Yanderes and DDLC 18 and up.

I just want to make sure that she's not used in any sexual content/context as a minor because I don't allow my stuff to be used as pedophilia. If you can assure me that it doesn't have her in that context, it should be fine!

Thanks! Despite the game being very much like DDLC, she's never featured in any context.


She's super cute, thank you! She will make a lovely younger sister <3

Thank you! I'm so very glad that you think so!