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I played it in Spanish. I liked the rhythm of the story!

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Sorry for the late reply! 
Is there something particular you'd like to know how to do? I'd love to help you out!

This was cute! Art style, characters, all very warm and cozy.

Intrigued by the mystery of the magic. Keep up the good work.

amazing story and art of your demo :)

waiting patiently to see the full visual novel

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I loved the demo, its graphics and story is amazing….

Thank you so very much, again! I'm so glad you loved it! 

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lmao it was just games that use your models soryy wahahah

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bruh you have soooo many demo games, out of all of them i like this the best, so please work on this more. i been waiting for 4 months for a new update 

Hahaha, sorry to have confused you! There are a lot of nice games out there who use my free to use resources so I made a category for them, as you've found out! 
I am currently working very hard on both this game and an update for Encore-Summer-.  Both of them are in the same universe and will use the same assets so a lot of work is getting done on MeS by working on both at the same time! I hope I can meet your expectations on updates soon!

Thank you, can't wait!!! 


I just played the demo and it was pretty good!  There was a couple of spelling errors, and sometimes I felt as though the music and scenes changed to abruptly, but they're small things, and other than that, it has a polished feel and I'm interested in what the full game will hold!

Thank you so much for playing! I will look into correcting spelling and look further into the music and scene changes! I appreciate the feedback.


Seems pretty adorable!

Thank you!

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Oh one more thing,
the archive.rpa is very easy to extract so many others can use your assets ilegaly.if you need help i can help u on my discord



Hi! Thank you for the concern and offer to help! I actually left these unencrypted because I wanted people to be able to pull the resources if they want to use them for things like creating video thumbnails for reviews or lets plays! 
If anyone is using them in an illegal manner (using them for non MeS related content) then I do not mind going through the motions to get it taken down. I'd rather not punish people who may want to use them reasonably.

But really and truly, thank you so much for your concern!


No problem,i respect your work so .. i will nver use your assets but i like the concept of the game like GUI and like that


very good work,i apreciate

Thank you! I'm glad that you like it!


Will there be a mac version of the full game?


I plan to release it on mac as well as several other platforms including mobile! 


This is such a cute VN! Good Job Devs!

Yeah, gonna follow the developer! >w<


Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!!


Ahhhh it ended on the most interesting part! I can't wait for the full thing, I'm super excited. I loved the demo. The writing, the art, the characters. (Shiro is adorable and I love her.) You're doing an amazing job!

It makes me happy to hear that you enjoyed the game and looking forward to the full game! Thank you so much for your compliments, it's really motivating! 


Thoroughly enjoying Mise en Scene's demo so far! ^o^ 


Part 2 (wish I carried on until the end). <3 Love the whole experience of the demo from start to finish, there's a lot of dialogue from just Haku at the beginning which I feel built up the world which we are on, then getting to know characters, there's a lot more character to character dialogue. Sayuri being an absolutely awesome Mum (top Mum). Thank you Noraneko Games & wish you and your team all of the best in the demo's feedback & game's development from now until it's completion! <3 

I know I've already said this but thank you again for playing this and making a lets play! It really was super fun to watch and I dedicated my morning to watching it!