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this amazing

hii !! i really like you sprite and want to use this character in my novel , what size sprites?

Hi there!

Sometimes the exact number of pixels may wildly vary based on each pose or slightly vary with each outfit but in general the base yume sprite is around 2338px x 4604px. If you have an editing or art program, these sprites are easy to shrink down to fit the size you need.

Thank you for the sets provided, I like them very much.

I used the Miki character in my game and added some minor modifications.

The game can be seen here:

I used your sprites in a VN game I just made. I love them.

My recently released game uses one of your free bgs, thanks for allowing it 😄

I really love yoru assets. They're just wonderful! I really lovd the editable pack. It really made editing easier. I was wondering if you coukd make another editable pack (psd) for Miki's Outfit Pack 2 so it'll be easier to edit in the additions I made to the first outfit pack. Thanks for these beautiful sprites!

I will get to work on this right away! It shouldn't take long because I think they're already mostly prepped for it.

I see. Thanks!

Sorry for the delay! It's finished now and available for download! Let me know if you need anything else!

Hi! Thank you for this asset. I chose Miki as a character for my visual novel.

She is wonderful! I use a lot of your graphics when creating my visual novel. The game doesn't have a website yet, but I want to post a teaser on my Youtube channel if you don't mind of course

I don't mind at all, I encourage it!
I saw the teaser, it looks amazing! I can't wait to see the completed visual novel!

привет, я хочу использовать эти ресурсы для своей новеллы. если у меня получится, я обязательно укажу тебя как автора в пункте "об игре"


Hello! I've made a game using your assets. I have finally translated it into English, so now I can share it with you -

that's a good visual novel ,  it took me some minutes before understanding how to deal with the monster

great job

Hi!I`m gonna use your sprites for my game(`s maybe).Thank you for your excellent work.It`s better than other "free" sprites.

¡Hola! soy un informático programador estoy entrando recientemente en esto de la creación de novelas visuales como hobby, me encanto tu trabajo y utilizare estos personajes para mi proyecto "Miki", "Miho", "Hana" "Aiko"  le daré crédito, por supuesto.

Hi! I'm planning on making a visual novel, can I use this sprite or edit it to make it fit to what I'm planning to make? Amazing work btw.

If it still follows the rules for the sprite, this is absolutely fine! Thank you so much!!

Are you okay with editing her? For example, I would like to make her blushing a little redder and cover more of her face. Change the color of some of her outfits, etc? I would still of give you  credit, of course.

Of course! That's absolutely fine! Let me know if you need any help changing any of the colors.

Will do. Thanks!

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Hay Me and my team are using this for a game. the demo for the game will be in a game jam ill send link to full game once made okay

also may I ask if I can change the name and make her a transgender for the story?

That is absolutely okay!
Just as long as it isn't used to make fun of transgender individuals.

absolotly not lol. I was wanting to use this becouse my team ran out of time on art and we need some pretty bad(no offince lol) and this one resimbles my friend the most.

ill elaberate later im kinda busy right now.

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I'm glad you like her! Even if she doesn't show up in the final project, I'm glad she could be of some use.
As long as it follows the rules, this should be fine! If it's for commercial use, I only have people ask so that they can let me know where they put the credit because of the paywall. 
If you do decide to create a 3D model, I'd still like to be credited for the design at least. 

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Hello. I'd like to use her for a personal project. I will link to this page as your terms demand.

I'm really glad you can find a use for her! Thank you for crediting me!


It'll be really helpful to me if you can  give me all of your credit links here in this reply thread!

Here are the two links that you can use to credit me: