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Yo, I used this resource (along with Aoto's) in my game I'm Tryin' to Get the High Score, but My Normie Boyfriend Just Wants a Regular Date With Me! It turned out very nice, and I would definitely use more of your graphics again!


I look forward to playing this game very soon! Thank you so much for linking it!!

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I hope you are making CG's for the other assets that still don't have CG's...

And I was wondering if you are taking requests ( if not it's okay, if yes do i have to pay)

Ok Bye Bye

I am slowly but surely working through to get everyone a CG! It's one of my immediate goals but feel free to let me know if there is a character in particular you'd like to see one for sooner and I'll try to push that one to the front of the queue.

As for requests, I do take free requests for additions to my free to use sprites. Things like outfits, CGs, and new poses, etc, are fine to request and I tend to bump them towards the top of my to-do list. They are free, of course, as long as I can make them free to use for others as well.

I hope that answers any questions, but if it didn't or you have more, please feel free to ask as many questions as you like!