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im gonna be using the  hana uniform pack and nora and sumi and kana all of 

the characters will be placeholders and i can email you this version im

 making which is still not finished and will not be the final thing

you can check out the prologue which won't be the final thing

and im sorry but i traced the nora  the summer one from the nora pack i downloaded im deeply sorry about that TmT i hope you can forgive me

I actually allow tracing of my sprites as long as credit for my original work is still attached, which I see that you have done on your page already, so it's all good! Thank you for letting me know, though!
Thank you so much for linking me to your project , I will definitely check it out soon!

would you like to see what im currently working on?


ok im gonna send it now

im sending it via email and i got the email from another post of yours sorry if that sounds creepy i don't mean for it too


I've been waiting for this!

Wonderful art as always ♥