A downloadable Kinetic Novel for Windows

"Although Yuri prefers to keep to herself, she lives a pretty normal life. Because she's not afraid to be judged by others, she doesn't mind doing things like going to cafes alone; she prefers it.

The one person she makes an effort to talk to is her classmate and crush. However, Yuri finds herself becoming a little too close to her love interest's crush after meeting up with them for the first time."

  • A simple and short kinetic/visual novel
  • Around 15 minutes of reading.
  • Genre: Melancholic/Supernatural 
  • Designed for Visual Novelty's "Summer Crybaby Contest" on DeviantArt. 
  • Free to play and SFW
  • Built in Tyranobuilder

Install instructions

  • For windows only
  • Download and Unzip
  • Launch .exe to play


Encore.zip 54 MB


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Interesting and short with a nice premise. I liked the melancholic ambient and the philosophical aspect. Also, cute art!

Thank you so much for playing!