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This look amazing.

Thank you so much!!

hey uhhh do you have scaled-down versions for renpy? i don't have a lotta space so it would be nice if you did


thanks for keeping up the updates! Noraneko :)


I absolutely love her. The pose, but especially the expressions, are just the cutest thing. Also, I don't know how much extra work the editable pack is, I imagine not a whole lot, but it depends on your process, but that's a fantastic idea. Seeing how everything is broken up and having a very easy way to change things up and mold sprites to your need is going to help a lot of people and gives everyone the chance to make them unique, which is something I think free to use stuff is tricky with sometimes. Really good work.

I'm so glad you love her and your feedback is wonderful, as always!
The editable pack is fairly simple to do, but it is tedious because I want to make sure to cut down on my usual number of layers in order to make it easier for others to tell which layer is which while still keeping them editable at almost every point. I once did this with Miki years ago, and it was well received but due to my schedule back then, I hadn't been able to continue with it for future sprites.
One of the biggest concerns many had with my sprites has been the fact that they aren't easily customizable so I mean to address again going into the future.


She is wonderful! Your arts give me the motivation to create games. I look at them and immediately want to breathe life into them

I can't possibly find the words to tell you what hearing that my work inspires someone means to me. It is, hands down, the best compliment I can receive. Thank you so much!!