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I'm creating my first novel with your characters. The game will not be distributed, but I will add you to the credits

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NoranekoGames, I'm using aiko for a yandere type game for gamejolt that will be free. I will credit you in the gamejolt description and in the game. Thank you for your amazing free assets to use. I'll make a visual novel using renpy. 

Dead Silence: Obsession by BurnaGanGson (

Truly amazing!

I'm using your pack on my Visual Novel, your page is included within a Credits.txt file!


I'm making a game with your heroes. I'll add you to the credits okay?

hey, I was wondering if I could use this for a horror vn. I'm planning on making it kinda dark and maybe have some gore-ish stuff in it.

That's completely okay! I like horror stuff, so I'd be happy to read it when it's finished!

Очень миленькая девочка :3


Hi! It looks like the Formal Dress is missing from the download.

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I never caught that! Thank you so much for letting me know, I'll update it to include the dress soon!

Okay, the proper ZIP file has been uploaded this time and should include everything it's supposed to. Thank you so much again for catching that!


You're welcome. :-) Thanks for all these great assets!

also can you do her with an expression similar to this Thank you so much

I'll use this in a commercial game and credit you, is that okay?

I remember doki doki she with a knife (。﹏。)